Thursday, February 14, 2013

Self Love, Your First Love

Happy Valentine's Day to you, you and ME!!!!  Valentine's Day normally evokes many visions, commercials, feelings (some good and some not so much) and desires.  Rose petals, candlelight, dinner, music, candy, teddy bears, lingerie, mystery dates and a good sweaty work out!!! WHAT???? Sweaty and work out...are you saying to yourself...what is this lady drinking over there??? Ok, ok let me clarify.  This morning I was attempting to hype myself up to go work out and I had a light bulb moment, walk with me people.  If I indeed believe (which I whole heartedly do) that God loves me and I in turn am a reflection of His love, then I owe it to God and myself to love myself...right?  RIGHT!  Love being an action word means that I not only say I have love for myself but I show it in the way I treat ME (mind, body and spirit).  I strive to live in the present moment, I eat well but as healthy as possible, I release stress

to someone who is more equipped to handle it (than I am)..GOD and I work my temple out regularly.  Take time to care for your body (it actually has a built in set of instructions if we but listen a little closer).  Other than getting back to walking regularly to love on me, I have also stumbled upon a natural moisturizing body butter that my elbows and feet absolutely LOVE called "Butterfly Butter", created by Ms. Adrienne Roach.  This is a perfect little treat for you, especially to maintain in between pedicures to keep the feet sweet


Self love is truly Your First Love!  It is the love that allows us to flourish and fulfill our divine purpose (yes no matter who you are, where you are in your have a DIVINE PURPOSE).  Be still, listen, drink water, work out, pamper yourself (Men, Women and Children).

#Stay Hyrdated

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