Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Choose

Today I was thinking to myself (don't act like you're shocked..I do that quite often) how interesting it is the standards we use or qualities we sometimes look for when choosing our friends and sometimes our boo.  We tend to put importance on the strangest things.  Some of those things include: Skin Color (light vs dark), Hair length (long preferred and wavy/curly), Height (tall vs short), Educational background (no degree..you can't talk me), Career (doctor, lawyer, engineer...think "Daddy's Little Girls"), and even how much they are willing to sneak, lie or cheat all in the name of having a little fun. 

Okay, okay, I know your eyebrows are raised and you are SYH (shaking your head) but hear me out.  Sometimes we will not consider befriending or better yet putting in the energy to sustain an existing friendship because a person is EVOLVING.  They get married, have kids, no longer work where we work or fall on financial hard times, stop drinking, stop getting high and the like.  Perhaps they start walking a more spiritual path (and no that is not the same as becoming religious and judgemental). 

What if, we (me included) thought to ourselves...hmmm today I will choose this person or that person to be a part of my day, my circle of friends, my social network or my world because their CHARACTER shines entirely to bright to be ignored?  To choose those who actively understand that verbal fun and intelligent conversation(not texting) is indeed a lost art form.  Choosing those who can embrace our growth (intellectual and spiritual) because they too are continually growing.  Try searching with your heart's eye (prayerfully) for those who think before they speak and feel it is important to be impeccable with their word (whether dealing with adults or children).  People who find joy in at least a few of life's SIMPLE pleasures and have creative non-agressive ways of handling stress, disappointments and the fun ups and downs that life is sure to bring our way. 

Simply said, be careful who you allow in your castle because after all it is your little slice of heaven.  Invite those in who are striving (like you and me) to be the best they can be. 


  1. very well said proficient exquisite... I love how you said simple pleasures will help you handle non aggressive problems and stress related thing. but I personally do believe that people have to look past the metaphysical parts of there adversity to reach a higher understanding in there spiritual realm.. but this is good work very intelligent very unique.... I always love seeing peoples intellectual side

    1. Thanks Delwann, and I agree. It is a fun and tricky thing dealing with people, they definately stretch you in ways...I would swear I was never meant to be stretched LOL. Keep reading, enjoying, commenting and sharing the link. Have you signed up to get this emailed to you yet?? Ya can you know =) A Little Birdie Told Me so....