Friday, September 20, 2013

Tune In

There are moments and then there are MOMENTS, yesterday was definately a MOMENT for me.  As I went about my evening, chatting, laughing, shopping (with coupons of course), I was blessed enough to see someone from my past and my mother's past.  I was in a store and this young man very cautiously approached me and inquired if I was indeed my mother.  I turned to really tune in to his voice and look into his eyes and what I saw caused me to reflect on many many things.  I spoke to him, like I have so many times over the years with others who recognized me as "My Mother's Daughter" (yes we look quite a bit alike).  This time however, it was something very different about our verbal exchange.  I looked at him as he spoke and what I saw in his face saddened me deeply.  In his eyes I saw, unchartered adventures, sunken hope, discouraged dreams and a deep love lost.  As he spoke to me about my mother, I could see and feel the love he still felt for her and the deep regret he felt over what could have been as he looked at this grown woman standing before him who was once a little girl he held and played with so gently.  I shared my encounter with my family when I returned home and was surprised at the understanding that came to me as we spoke of him.  Life comes at you fast, tune-in to your moments before you miss it!

Everyday there are little miracles all around us.
Sadly hurt, fear, disappointments and unforgiveness can cause us to close doors by our words or actions that years from now we may realize were doorways to growth, joy or even to our Divinely Inspired Dreams coming to pass. Tune-in to your life, this is not a dress rehearsal it is the Actual Performance and you are the lead actor, director, choreographer and editor.  Be active and involved in your life, prayerful about your decisions, open to change and a few challenges.  Don't be shy about editing your life or the people in it (we do it to our friends list on Facebook...I mean really).  Be gentle with yourself and forgiving of your past choices.  Allow yourself to surrender to the healing, life transforming, vision revealing love of God and remember you were never given a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.
Get off the sidelines of YOUR life, take time to smell the flowers, play with your kids, hug/kiss/laugh with your spouse, drink coffee/tea, color, paint, plant a garden, help someone, see a play, go somewhere you've always wanted to go, listen to India.Arie (lol..just a suggestion) and get involved in your LIFE!