Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Juneteenth Celebration of Our Liberation!

This year wasn't  the first year but it was my first year celebrating, I mean for real for real celebrating Juneteenth

I've read about it, respected its meaning and kept on living. However, this year in the midst of the horrific scene that played out for all the world to see (the murder of Mr. George Floyd), the quarantine due to Covid-19, and the protest taking place all over the globe...this year 2020 was different.

I felt the need to understand how stuff in this world worked a little more, like politics. I wanted to dig a bit deeper into our history and feel more connected to people who looked like me. I no longer wanted to just peek in the window of my heritage, I wanted to begin to embrace it more fully.

I attended a small but life changing Junteenth Tailgate and enjoyed beautiful people of all shades of brown, different backgrounds, beef hot dogs and great music. The Four Black Ladies from Sugarbrook took me on a journey that felt like a true celebration of our liberation! It felt like a family reunion with afros and dishekis, only we wore t-shirts full of red, black and green and every hairstyle under the bright sun. We talked, we laughed, we danced, and we connected. As I prepared to leave I realized I wanted more of this, this feeling of Community and I now realize, it's what we all need more than we know.