Sunday, December 11, 2016

I'm Tired!

  Today I awoke with a feeling of irritation, a frustration, downright anger at myself and our village. When I say our village, it refers to the individuals, families, organizations, sports and religious in our communities who directly give birth to, educate, feed, discipline, and supposedly prepare our children to live full productive loving lives.

  I was feeling some kind of way because I'm constantly reminded of how many things are not...I repeat, are not being communicated and passed on to our up and coming young men and women. We are too often leaving them to their own thinking when it comes to planning and preparing for a good future that makes them feel purposeful, worthy, and productive. We are still not understanding that when a person is void of these things, it invites chaos, poverty, violence, hopelessness, young unprepared parents, lack of skill/commitment to higher education, and yes dependency on alcohol/drugs and other self destructive behaviors.

To sum it up I'm really tired!!!
Tired of reading and learning about young people getting caught up, locked up, shot up before the age of 30 (at an alarmingly high rate).
Tired of the "Merry-go-round" parenting style so many use...well that's how I was raised and I turned out ok (ok truth be told YOU ARE NOT OK)!

Tired of the age old misconceptions of what a "Real Man" looks like, acts like...yet many of the ones handing down these twisted ideas have no real clue on a grand scale of what a real man acts like because the people they learned from may have had the best intentions but they were bruised and somewhat lost themselves...trying to do the best they knew how based on the life lessons they had learned. 
I'm super tired of grown folks not following through on their promises, commitments where our young people are concerned and then being shocked when those same kids who were repeatedly disappointed, disillusioned, ignored, neglected, and even abused...become cold, uncaring, angry and sometimes even killers.
I'm just tired, when will we understand that "today's decisions directly effect tomorrow's consequences"? 
 I'm tired of our anger towards police brutality and the realness of white supremacy...yet our LACK OF ANGER AND ACCOUNTABILITY towards our running in circles generation after generation. Let us be angry at how we speak so harshly to our children (sometimes referring to them as B******, Mother******* when they are no older than 5 and 6. This trains them to view themselves and others in a certain way and that is NOT OK! Let us be angry that we don't make time to learn about money, investing, saving and make it a priority to hand that information down like we do our Sweet Potato Pie recipes.  Let us be angrier still that we tell our children what they should do, should be, but how often do we give them our complete undivided attention and really listen to how they feel about any and everything without judging them? Let's rethink things and do better, shall we?

Perhaps it is past time to rewrite the rules we play and live by, because what we are doing and have been doing for years is no longer (if it ever was) doing us any darn good. I'm tired of the "Hood Rules", aren't you?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Silent Killer, Make BelieveThriller

October is official ghost and goblin season. 
 Witch's Brew and all things Boo!
 Haunted houses, Trick or Treat which some think is super neat..
In the midst of all the Octoberfestivities there looms in the air somethings that are far scarier still...

Silent Killers is what they are  
They are far more clever than anything you might encounter on the 31st of October
They seduce you while your young and when your wisdom levels are low 
Whispering sweet nothings in your ear as they prepare you for the show

What fun you'll have, sip me, down this...
If you really dare, smoke this here then drank this Lean
No warnings are shared of how they can make you mean

Count yourself among their friends 
and easily kiss your freedoms Goodbye
They give you liquid courage and imagined super powers
All the while, prepping you for what truly lies in wait

They are named Jack, Hen, Colt, Martel and they crew
Never heard of them? I promise, they are not new
They've been sneaking and deceiving since way back in the day
Amazingly people are still stumbling and becoming their prey
You may start off with weekends only or maybe special occasions
But because they are sly, slick and find you easily drift into the dark rooms of much more
Slowly your vocab changes and this lends to not giving a f*@k
The more you entertain them they start to ruin your luck
Just think back for a minute when you had goals, dreams and were hungry to pursue them
What happened, have you achieved them or have they fallen by the wayside?

It's time someone pulled off the mask and sounded the alarm
These clowns need to be exposed for who they truly are
They are family destroyers and life stealers
They may not take your life but trust and believe if allowed to keep sneaking in 
the back door...they will steal everyone of your dreams  
No more Make Believe Thrillers, HEY they are indeed Silent Killers (sound the alarm)!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Do You Know Where Your Dreams Are?

It's Tuesday Morning
September 27, 2016
Do you know where your Dreams Are?

Like Your Mental Well Being Depends On It
  because guess what? 
It does!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Black Lives Matter
Black Health Matters
What we eat, think and do...Matters

           Black Financial Literacy Matters
Loving Our Black Sons and Our Black Daughters Matter
Black Excellence Matters
True History of Our Ancestors Matter
True History of what We've Achieved Matters
Celebrating and Supporting One Another Matters

Yes Black LiVES Matter 

I Am Proudly Melanin Rich
Yes...I Matter!