Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Time To Wake Up!

In the sad echoing confirmation that indeed the legal system was never truly intended to protect our liberties, our rights nor our freedoms; I am pondering these truths....

I must acknowledge that God is my strength, my way maker, my peace in the midst of the storm and my life's architect.

Education is one of the necessary keys to true freedom and abundant living.

We as a people must learn to heal ourselves of and move past the pain born of social injustices and the deeply embedded history inflicted wounds we have had to bear.  

I must look to the heavens, from where my true help comes from.

Only as WE re-think, rebuild and truly establish solid families and a sense of community, will change take place.  

For far too long we have been force fed bold lies that have poisoned and stripped us of our royal heritage.  We in turn, willingly shared this way of thinking and living with our children.  These bold lies and half truths have created a distrust and formed self destructive mind sets among our beloved brothers and is BEYOND TIME.

Time to Wake Up, Rise Up and STAND for something life altering.   Understanding that a house divided can not stand and STAND WE MUST!

Friday, November 7, 2014

How to Effectively Lead

To Serve or Not to Serve, now that is a great question.

Over the years I have dreamed about being much more involved in my community; feeding the hungry and helping young people connect the dots to their future.  Sadly, this remained a desire without much action to bring it to fruition.  I've watched and admired people being passionate about serving and it seemed to just be in their DNA.  How irritating to be too darn lazy to serve others; which can help heal you of loneliness, depression and give you a better quality of life.  However, the other day I had an AHA MOMENT!

I attended a great panel discussion at Eastern Michigan University, "Redefining Our Identity: I Am A Black Man".  This forum was a free event and open to the public hosted by some very bright future leaders and community changers.  I came in a little late, rushing there straight from work.  I took a seat near the back, just in case it did not hold my attention and I wanted to duck out real quiet like (I mean one must be prepared..right?).  As I settled in and listened, I was somewhat surprised at the overwhelming amount of EMU students(young ladies and young men) who felt this was important enough to attend.  They actually had to bring in more chairs a few times because it was standing room only.  The energy was positive, the speaker was engaging, the questions and comments were thought provoking and funny.  I felt such a sense of pride in these young people!!  All the negative comments and imagery  that is portrayed in the media can be very disheartening.  If only the world could be healed of the racial viruses that have plagued us for far too long; perhaps then they could see, truly hear and appreciate THIS wonderful dialogue and we could collectively be the CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE.  

As i greeted them after it was over, shook hands and such, I was spiritually full and so very glad I had decided to come.  Driving home is when that AHA MOMENT occurred.  As I reflected on those students discussing a range of topics from Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin (both young men far too close in age to those sitting all around me) to the fear of not wanting to die and being harrassed by law enforcement.  And in spite of the fear, pain and even anger...they still hope and with extreme clarity, spoke of wanting harmony, a better understanding between the diverse people in our country, more love displayed and support given among each other.  It was a powerful discussion and it made me realize that this is truly what it means TO SERVE.   

Many want to be large and in charge
yet don't have a heart to serve

We Serve to help
We Serve to heal
We Serve to give hope
We Serve to learn
We Serve to strengthen, encourage and uplift others
We Serve to enhance and pour much needed love into our communities

We Serve, so that we may one day know how to Effectively Lead!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Watch your step...

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  

There are things that will happen to us that seem peculiar and often downright crazy.  Have you ever been going back and forth and back again about a job offer or a move?  You turn on one of your favorite t.v shows and they mention not only 1 of the places you were thinking of moving but also the position you were unsure was right for you.  You stare at the screen, mouth open and think nooooooo, did they really just say that?  Coincidence or heavenly guidance?

God's word is a lamp unto our feet and the Holy Spirit is a comforter and guidance counselor (so very grateful for that).  We are often shown what school to attend, person to marry, job opportunities to pursue and much more by subtle conversations and situations.  Ponder this: A total stranger strikes up a conversation with you and before it's over, everything you've prayed about has been spoken about and you've barely said a word.  They speak directly into your personal circumstances leaving you thinking, who in the world is this person and have they been reading my emails (just all in my business)? 

Be still and know that He is God, He knows and sees all.  He knows how to get you where you need to be just in time and not a minute sooner.  He will use who and what He wants to bring about his divine plan for your life (and YES there is a Divine Purpose and plan for little old you).  The bible is a living breathing thing and as you align yourself with God's heart, with a little help from the one who loves you with an everlasting love, He will grant you the desires of your heart.  

You are like clay on the potter's wheel, being formed everyday by the potter himself.  He is creating a masterpiece.  So, be teachable, take in the lessons being taught, let Him love you as you stumble and sometimes fall.  Be patient with the process,  watch your step and remember He has you in the palm of his hand.