Thursday, December 19, 2013

Get and Do more of what you Really Really Want!

It's the most wonderful time of the year, loved ones are near, homes all aglow with festive lights, holiday decor and music are everywhere and the hearts of others are filled with giving and good cheer. You would think with all this warm and fuzzy stuff abounding, crime and sadness would be at an all time low, right?  But even with all that we see, hear and do this time of year, many of us are still not at peace and where there is no peace you will (too often) find people more prone to chaos and carrying pieces (if you get my meaning).

Perhaps, just maybe if in the midst of this magical season, we could get a glimpse of what we are (at our core) really yearning for we could then truly work for and grasp peace.  Most (perhaps not all) of us really really want a few basic things: Joy, to be heard, to be understood, to be really loved for who WE ARE, recognition for our talents, to matter, to be relevant, to be proud of the people that we are on a daily basis and have those who matter to us be proud of us and our accomplishments and to have GOOD CREDIT (lol lol had to throw that in).  We also want to be at peace with our thoughts and our choices, therein lies true bliss like joy.  That being said, we often strive to have and do stuff that fills in the gaps of these things, we spend money without much thought on a variety of people and things, we put on airs, we do all sorts of things that we THINK will make us feel and be Successful.  There is nothing wrong with trying daily to improve on you and be a better you than you were yesterday but life was meant to be more and when we slow down and ask ourselves (and listen to the answer) what am I really really yearning for and in response to your soul's answer begin to Get and Do more of what we really really yearn for we will find ourselves right in the middle of a much more enriched, truly successful and God pleasing life.  

Happy and Joyous Holidays to You all....therefore go forth, each and every one of you, Get and Do more of what you Really Really Want!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Experience Joy

Experience Joy
In the brightly shining sun
          And in winter’s rain      

  There is beauty to be experienced in every season