Monday, October 29, 2012

Heed The Warning and Just Answer The Call!!

Growing up, my beloved great grandmother (Sis. U.D. Shugart Bryant) kept her grandchildren as close to God and in church as much as she possibly could.  We went to Sunday School, morning service, evening service, prayer meetings, bible study, vacation bible school (faithfully EVERY SUMMER) and probably many other services that my special memory can not remember.  Being around what we call "Church Folk" or as my mother would say, "The Good Christians",  we heard and picked up many cliche statements.  Often we repeated these little sayings, having no clue of their meaning or even knowing if we really believed the words that were coming out of our mouths..LOL.  One of these statements was brought oh so gently to my mind tonight, so gently that although I would simply LOVE to be SLEEPING, here I sit typing until my lil' heart is content (can you hear the sarcasm?).  Many say" "Anyone can praise God but you must intimately know and dare I say love Him to Worship Him".  I have heard it, questioned it and kept it moving many times.  However, tonight as I listened intently to the words of a song (attempting to rehearse) that not so long ago I thought was for "Older Saints" it occurred to me that this statement was and still is so deeply true.  The song was "When The Saints Go To Worship" by Donald Lawrence.  Ok this may be your jam and that's ok, but you should know I am a little special (so don't judge me), ahhh moving on. 

The words came alive to me tonight and in just moments I was transported from an average mundane "I have to moment" to a small space where it was truly just my Heavenly Father and me, vibing (It was lovely).  What is really funny, or maybe not so much is that over the years God has impressed upon me to do many things and out of nervousness, fear and Lack of FAITH (yes yes yes I admit it...L.O.F) I was disobedient and did not move when He said sweet heart move this way or sing when He presented opportunites for me to sing or EVEN write when He generously gave me such eloquent words to write.  God does not change!!  If He wanted you to do it then, I would be willing to bet you some yummy Cold Stone Creamery Cheese Cake icecream that He STILL Wants YOU to Dust Yourself Off And DO IT NOW!!!  Something we need to know and remember about God is that to Him, our obedience is far better than our sacrifice (Thanks Bro. Howell you really brought this point home for me).  God knows that many things that will make our homes, childhoods, neighborhoods, work environments, relationships, finances, health and world better, can only be achieved when we step outside of our comfort zones, have real faith in Him (really believing that nothing is impossible to God and with God) and are obedient to His Divine promptings and instructions....  When the same message is coming to you loud and clear from what seems like EVERY direction, do yourself and those who need what has been placed in you a favor, Heed the Warning and Just Answer the Call!!!! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Don't Ever Lose Sight!

You know that feeling you get when you have a new project (completing your BA or PhD, a healthy & fulfillin relationship, saving for your dream car/home or much needed dream vacation, new work out class, embarking on your dream career etc)?  Think for a moment, just a moment about how passionate you are about it and how it consumes your every thought.  You think about how you can enjoy it, make it work, make it better, make it beautiful, make it a success by any means necessary!  That fire burns for that thing and we let NOTHING sidetrack us from the VISION of what we Desire it be!  Today is a gentle but firm reminder that if you have been given a Divine Vision for anything: your family, your education, your health, your children, your marriage, your finances, your career or anything in whatever you need to do to keep that fire lit!! 

In the morning, in the noon day, in the evening:
*Pray About It
*Think About It
*Talk About It
*Write About It
*Shout About It
*Envision Yourself Living It
*Take Small Daily Steps Toward It
*Be Grateful For It
*Protect It
*Stay Excited About It
*Let Nothing and No One Separate You From It
*Truly Believe In It
*Believe If He Gave It then You Can Achieve It
*Be About It
And Don't Ever Lose Sight of Your Divine Vision, NEVER EVER EVER!!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Heirs of the King"

There is nothin' quite like a Brotha'.

His walk, his talk, his resilience and go get it attitude!  His determination to rise and fly above the dust of hopelessness.  His smile, his disappointments to his Victories.  His phenomenal and unmistakeable power to create and sustain amazing families.  Oh but if WE could only take the time to heal enough, in order to love them enough, to raise them enough, so they (from birth) could believe just enough that they are indeed "Sons of the King" who reigns on high, lives and destinies would forever be changed.  To deposit this truth, that they are soooo much more than the world and sometimes we make them out to be with our piercing, hurtful words and actions. 

We should take a stand and shout, not just with our words but with our daily actions: My Brother, you are Vitally Important to the well being of our communities, churches, schools, children and families!!!  Then they could with confidence take their rightful place as "Heirs of the King", fully embracing and embodying their royal legacy and rich heritage.  They would be in a far better position to prosper and not fade away one by one.  The world as we are now experiencing it, would be mo' betta' for it! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sometimes U Have to Choose U!!

This morning as I woke up, way to energized for it to have been legal, I was greeted with these powerful words from Phillipians 4:8
Christian brothers, keep your minds thinking about whatever is true, whatever is respected, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever can be loved, and whatever is well thought of. If there is anything good and worth giving thanks for, think about these things. (NLV).

As I meditated on this and began my Friday, it occurred to me that we are often taught from a very young age that we are here to love God, love others, serve others and many times "WE" get lost in translation.  However, when God created in the beginning, including creating us...did He not say this is Good?  So when we are encouraged to think on what is right, pure, anything good and worth giving thanks for, should we not also include us (yes YOURSELF) in that list?  I think YES, YES and YES!!!  I believe there needs to be a delicate balance in how we live daily.  A balance between loving and nurturing yourself, so that you can in turn love, help, pray for, encourage and yes serve others.  No matter how much we want to, it is not healthy for us to attempt to give from an empty vessel.  Just look around you, there are way too many examples of neglect, abuse, depression etc. If you trace many of these sadnesses and devastating situations in families, I bet you would find hurting and devastated people who did not take time to heal and nurture their inner child and started families, friendships and marriages that drained an already empty vessel and at some point bad turned to worse.  They meant well and often never even slowed down long enough to see the worse coming.  That being said, today 10/12/12, I want to encourage you and me to remember...Sometimes U have to Choose is ok and does not mean you are self centered, selfish or a stone cold trip (does anyone still say that?).  What it means is that you were created to be all that He had in mind for you, but to Be who you are destined to be, you need to Nurture you...take care of you and replenish you.  The awesome thing about choosing you, is that it will cause a glow in you that will shine and draw others in and cause them to desire to live a little lighter, laugh a little more, love a little deeper and Give Thanks for and to the God who created us all...and that type of Love and attitude of Gratitude is what will CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Power of Encouragement!

Sometimes, every now and again, we all will come to a place where we will either be in need of an encouraging word, hug, smile or will be a deliverer of one or more of the above.  Life is said to be an adventure and we are pushed to Ride the Wave!!!  In all well written adventure tales, there should be excitement, anticipation, disappointments, moments of waiting, captivity, escape and VICTORIOUS Endings!!! What makes the adventure worth while is a person's attitude, determination, love, faith, hope and joy for the journey.  I look around and see all kinds of things occurring in my life and the lives of friends and loved ones.  Births, graduations, illness, bankruptcy, divorce, marriage, love found, love lost, self discovery, losing homes, buying new homes and even death.  It is said, in this life we are sure to have trials and tribulations and it is important to learn to be grateful for it all, remembering that all things work together to create a Divine Design that could not be birthed if everything at all times was all good.  There is a timing that may not seem like perfect timing to you, but is indeed the Divine Right time for the precious and challenging moments that make up the tapestry of our lives.  As we experience this life, overcoming the seemingly dream threatening ups and downs, remember to take some time to engage in the Power of Encouragement!!  It will revive you, renew you and center you.  It truly will inspire you to continue to Ride the Waves of life, to keep on keeping on.  Encourage somebody today and start with lovingly encouraging yourself...Muah!