Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rediscovering My Mo Jo Jo Jo!!!

As 2012 draws to a close, me along with many many others find ourselves in reflective mode.  Thinking about what was good, what was great and what was not so great and how in the world to make 2013 PHENOMENAL!!!  Sooooo, as I sat at work today it dawned on me that a phenomenal year begins with a single decision and that decision is to Rediscover My Mo Jo Jo Jo (yes I stole or borrowed this from a are not imagining things).

 I began to cruise my new favorite spot, (somewhat of a minor addiction...there I admitted it).  That website has sooooooo many awesome quotes, beautiful homes, make-up ideas, fashion, health info and did I say quotes for EVERYTHING!  I was on overload reading about how to get back to my center: Zumba, meditation, journaling, waking up earlier (HA that was a funny moment), walking, running, drinking green tea daily, eating more protein, measuring and drinking more water, focusing on what brings you joy instead of what doesn't (great idea by the way), not allowing your past to be a stumbling block in your present etc.  I read, I repinned (which is what you do on Pinterest.Com when you see something you like...when you get curious enough and check it out...this will make a wee bit more sense).  I actually got kind of giddy and a little high off the idea of Rediscovering and Reconnecting to My Mo Jo Jo Jo (I have been saying this all day and man it was fun LOL..yes I am special).  After pumping all this great mental oxygen into my subdued conscious, I realized that I missed and I mean really missed what I had began back in August of 2012, which was walking consistently, taking pictures of nature while I was out walking, listening to my music (which I love to do), eating better and not too late.  I had more mental clarity and it felt good to take care of me. 

It is great to love and take care of others but if you do not make time and take time to take care of you...I can almost guarantee that you will run out of gas and find yourself stranded in more ways than you can begin to imagine.  Sooo, make yourself a committment to do you in a healthy way...Rediscover Your Mo Jo Jo Jo and make 2013 and every year there after Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (yes this is from Mary Poppins and I just felt like saying's fun)!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Concrete Visualization as a Tool 4 CHANGE!

If you are reading this post, you are probably searching for ways to improve yourself and the life you are living. If you are like most people, you have been less than fully successful in getting your goals to transition from dreams into reality.  You plan, you pray, you engage in positive self-talk, but still, the outcome that you've longed for never really bears fully evolved fruit.

If you are like most people, you are stuck in a script that you feel you didn't write!  Whether it's financial success, weight loss, or relationships, you just can't seem to break old patterns.  It's disheartening and frustrating and most of all, it feels like you are powerless to change despite your best efforts.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain
Guess what?  You are right.  You ARE following a script that you didn't write.  Well, not the conscious you.  Instead, the subconscious you, that YOU that makes up 90% of all your drives and motivations is caught in a loop and you know what's the worst part?  Your subconscious "YOU" doesn't speak English (or whatever your native tongue is).  As a matter of fact, your subconscious mind doesn't adhere to any written or verbalized forms of communication.  Your subconscious runs most of the routines of your life on what feels like autopilot.  Unfortunately, that means that you may be running some really self-defeating behaviors on that same loop.  Your subconscious is the man behind the curtain orchestrating your life.

Your subconscious speaks in SYMBOLS.  Symbols, pictures, and visions are the way that your subconscious speaks to you and that is the only way to "speak" change into your subconscious mind.

Did you know?

Recent studies have shown a "subconscious brain that is far more active, purposeful and independent than previously known."  Your subconscious is fully capable of running programs that are independent and quite contradictory to what your conscious desires are.  Actually, and I don't mean to offend, but your conscious mind is quite easy to trick and mislead, partially because of the drives of the subconscious.

The Conscious Mind                                       The Subconscious Mind
The conscious mind uses rational thought  / The subconscious processes symbols
The conscious is good at working out how to do things / The subconscious is good at doing things for you (skills and habits)
The conscious works hard at understanding things  / The subconscious doesn't care HOW something works, it will use the first thing it comes across irrespective of how well it works
The conscious mind is apt to waste time figuring things out for the sake of it  / *The subconscious will carry on doing things a certain way even when it is abundantly clear that it is not in your best interests.

How can you get in the driver's seat?

First, it is important that you dig deep to find WHAT is driving your subconscious mind's loop when it comes to a particular behavior.  An honest examination of the benefits that you get from the behavior is necessary.  For instance, an overeater may get comfort from consuming too much food as well as wearing their overweight as away to withdraw from society and feel safe in solitude.  No one can hurt you when you are alone so, although consciously this can be a lonely existence, the subconscious may actually promote this behavior as a method of protection.  Ask yourself powerful questions and step outside of yourself to examine your motivations.  I often say (as if I am not ME), "What does a person that engages in this behavior value?"

You may be surprised at what you find.

Next, you must begin to speak the language of your subconscious mind.  I call this Concrete Visualization, or using symbols and objects to speak directly to your subconscious.  Now, if you want to quickly and resoundingly get the attention of the man behind the curtain, you need to shout, not whisper.  Common methods of "visualization" may be effective, but can often take a long time to sink into your subconscious.  In my experience, the more senses you can engage and the more concrete you can make your visualization, the better.  Making your new vision is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Identify the behavior/motive/value your want to change. 
2. Don't just envision the change.  Gather real items to symbolize the change.
3. Create a ritual to resolve the behavior and install the new program into your subconscious

How I used concrete visualization to heal myself...

After I discovered this method, I realized that I was sabotaging every romantic relationship based on a past heartbreak. I would avoid emotional intimacy at all cost, even though my conscious mind was craving a connection, my subconscious mind was protecting me by making me aloof and unattainable even though I thought I was available.  When I dug deep inside my memories I was surprised, when I bypassed the heartache that I thought was the issue and went all the way back to my childhood to a disappointment at the hands of my father.  That was the moment that I became unreachable and my heartache, as shattering as it was, didn't affect me as it might have someone who didn't have protective armor.  I knew what I had to do.  I got a small cardboard box and I closed my eyes and remembered being a little girl waiting on my father to arrive and that deep disappointment when he never showed up or called.  Once I had that feeling locked in, I opened my eyes and purposely gathered objects in my possession that I had collected from past relationships. These symbolized hurt and pain and a reminder that I needed to be protected from men because they would let me down.  I envisioned that each item was like a brick from a wall that I had built around my heart.  I drew pictures on pieces of paper; a lock and a key to symbolize opening myself to love and intimacy.  I was crying and laughing with joy as I felt the weight lift and I sealed that box and walked out of my apartment to the dumpster and, without further ceremony, pitched the box of hurt, shame, and self worth issues in the trash.  I was light, I was free, and my subconscious mind got the message.

I'm sorry this was so long, but I hope that you can use this information to take control of YOU.

Love and Light,

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Evolve (It'sTime 2 Go 2 the Next Level)

It's been a bit since I put fingers to keys, so I thought with this topic bouncing around in my head why not share.  This past weekend I enjoyed a Sunday out with some great young people and during our Sunday adventure a message was shared which deposited this in my spirit: When it is Your Time 2 go to the Next Level, you should be different than you were before.  Zipping in and out of daily life, setting goals, dreaming new dreams, and striving forever striving to go to greater heights we can easily get off track of where in the world we truly need to be heading in order to feel the most joy and peace.  We may begin to believe that our joy and peace will be found once we get this or achieve that and in deed this and/or that may contribute to them but they more often than not will not be the epitome of walking in our Divine Purpose (which it isn't normally where we will experience the most joy and peace).  We tend to have many obligations, people who depend on us, things we feel we MUST DO or the world will absolutely cease to go round (LOL..I am not the only one who has felt this honest).  We somehow function this way for years, not realizing that the solution is many times challenging yet simple; Evolve, evolve, evolve!!! Give yourself not only permission but a charge to Evolve to the Next Level of your journey.  Stop holding yourself back by playing the same old film about your life up to this point in your head, over and over again.  You can either be your BIGGEST FAN or your most intense foe, it is up to you.  You can be your own cheering section, by being teachable and being willing to learn things that up to now you may have been hesitant or downright scared to learn.  As for me, I am learning my way around the kitchen (for those who know smart comments or loud laughter and thanks in advance) and learning to ask for help when I need it which has been hard for me.  In this part of my journey it is amazing how God brings help from some of the most unexpected places and how the blessings flow abundantly on us when we step outside of our comfort zone and trust evolving will most DEFINATELY take us outside of our comfort zone so get ready.  That being said, we are not really living an abundant life if we are always comfy (sorry but it's true).  As we move out of our zones and start to blaze new paths, we will find we are evolving and becoming what we were destined to be.  The Awesomeness of this is that since no man is an island and in reality we really do all impact one another in some small way.  We all need each other to be fully who we are supposed to be, full of love, full of forgiveness, walking in our Divine Purpose, being teachable and being cheerful givers.  When we begin to truly live this way, we will look different, talk different, many times dress different, worship and praise different!!!

 So again let us rise up and  Evolve (It is indeed Time 2 Go 2 the Next Level)!!