Monday, October 14, 2013

Create Beauty, Plant Hope

This past weekend, I spent time in meditation (much overdue and needed), recovering from watching "Cloud Atlas (yeah...3 words...Don't Watch It) and was reminded of all kinds of interesting and perhaps random thoughts and they are as follows:

My book, read it

My surroundings, be more attentive of it
My Mind, Get to know it
My time, learn to manage it
My Money, Be more savvy with it
My Faith, Feed it
My Dream, Dare to believe in and Make plans to fulfill it

My Divine Purpose, Boldly walk in it
My Passion, Live it
My Smile, Share it

My Beauty, Embrace it
My Life, Be Thankful for it

Life is what you create and consistently believe it to be.  Create beauty, plant hope, strive to increase joy and live with passion and balance.