Thursday, October 1, 2015

Build It With Care

How do you prepare to cook a meal? How do you prepare for your daily work out (okay, maybe your weekly work out)? How do you prepare a long lasting marriage, a fun family trip and on and on? 

A satisfying meal, a productive work out that does the body good, a marriage of two people who compliment each other now and in years to come and bringing the family together from near and far to have fun all require preparation. The other day it occurred to me that learning, I mean deciding to really learn also requires preparation:
Clear your study space
Listen to Classical Music (it awakens your brain)
Ask questions and if you don't understand the answer...ask more questions in person, via email or set up a time to meet with your instructors
Take detailed notes that YOU will understand later
Use the internet to learn a little more about your subjects (time consuming I know, but this is only if you are determined to learn)
Do your homework (yes every assignment)
oh and...Go to class & Tune In!

The Keys required for Success in almost any and every endeavor you take on are: your time, creativity, commitment and preparation...this is your education, your dream, your life...Build it with care...Muah