Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For This Purpose!

Breathe in Breathe out
In a spirit of gratitude, acknowledge yourself as one of God’s masterpieces
And do not be ashamed
You are treasured above all of
His you He placed bits of heaven & pieces of dreams
Cherish and preserve what God has blessed
To honor yourself and love others
*For this purpose you were created*

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What is "Normal" AnyWay?

Normal or should I say, the idea of "Normal" is extremely overrated!! Coming from different backgrounds & different life experiences gives an assortment of supportable defintions to the much used term "Normal".  People have a tendancy to harshly judge others and will argue up and down allday long about what their idea of normal is. 

Is buying a Flawlessly beautiful motorcycle and riding the wave with you new motorcycle riding friends, after the vibrant age of 35 (ok 25, ya'll know how that goes), while raising AWESOME children considered normal?  Is traveling the world on a budget when some would dare say, you should wait until you're married before going THOSE PLACES and doing those things, considered normal?  How about going to the Drive-In (yes some still exist) in your favorite cozy footie pajamas just for the fun of it, considered normal?  You get my drift right? 

Perhaps the "World's" narrow idea of normal is for people (meaning us striving to live an abundant and purposeful life) to not have any eyebrow raising moments/nothing that sticks out.  Perhaps it is far more comfy for the majority, if we act like robots walking the earth without any sudden AHA moments.  Not reminding them of how much they maybe settling instead of Living!  When someone dares to think something or do something outside of the mundane "Ordinary" (robots moving in unison) or not their idea of "Christian" (you know how we do), they are pegged as "Not Normal".  However, at the end of the day, who can honestly say What Is "Normal" AnyWay?  Our purpose on this earth (in my opinion) is to Love yourself and others as Christ loves us (try it without Him..I triple dog dare you...Impossible), to live an abundant life (which is kind of hard while trying to fit into other's ideas of normal), to Love God with your whole heart/mind, body and spirit & Enjoy lots of laughter (not at other's expense) for it is indeed Good for the Soul!


Sunday, September 9, 2012


Forgiveness is giving love when there is no reason...
What is planted in the heart, takes root in the soul....
In the quietness of the dawn, shines a new day,
a new beginning and new compassions
Forgiveness washes over me like a healing oil, a balm in Gilead
In humility I admit my wrongs, no other way to move forward
Thankful for the opportunity to forgive and be forgiven
For out of this act love can prosper and friendship can take root and grow
His Spirit and His word light the right path
A path clear of yesterday's obstacles and paved with a
sense of wonder, awe and an open heart
The Beauty of a New Dawn is simply Wonderful!