Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sometimes Celebrating Looks Like This

Mother's Day is today and there will be brunches and lunches,

there maybe flowers and gifts delivered

there may even be road trips taken and airline tickets purchased...because today is a big big day for many!

But Sometimes, there are cards from years gone by that are read over and over,

Sometimes, there are tears that flow and don't seem to have an end in sight

Sometimes, there are movies that are watched or songs that are played because of the memories that go along with them

Sometimes, there is cooking or cleaning and sometimes there's not

Sometimes it's reading a book

Sometimes there is staying in bed all day because you just can't today 

Sometimes there is working

Sometimes there are walks in the park

Sometimes there is turning off you're phone

Sometimes there is hugging someone tightly that loves you dearly

Sometimes there is laughter and sometimes there's not

Sometimes it is going to your place of worship

Sometimes it is cuddling up with your dog or cat and sometimes it's not

Sometimes Mother's Day is just another day and Sometimes it is an absolutely amazing one!

However this day in May plays out for you and for me, how we choose to celebrate or not to... just know it is is absolutely OKAY!