Monday, November 18, 2013

Wings Were Meant To Fly (Quotes from a Little Birdie Told Me"

Words in their purest form can be uplifting, engaging and hope and deepest prayer is that within the pages of my latest book, "Wings Were Meant To Fly (Quotes From a Little Birdie Told Me", you will be transported to a place that lovingly reminds you that "Divinely Inspired Dreams Have No Expiration Date" available on and for only $2.99!  I invite you to click on the link and download a great read and share with your family, co-workers and friends:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nurture the Flowers in Your Garden!

As the sleet was gently transformed into snow on Monday, the eye opening chill turned my cheeks into cold evidence that Fall (at least in my mind) was indeed becoming all but a memory.  I quickly ran errands, striding briskly in and out of stores in order to return home and thoroughly thaw out.  Once the initial shock of the harsh reality that we had officially experienced our first snow of the season wore off, it crossed my mind how similar the changing of nature's seasons and the seasons of our lives can be.  One moment we are swinging on the swings, chasing the icecream truck, getting all dressed up for our 8th grade farewell,

terrified at the mere thought of attending high school on the our first day as a freshman, hanging out with friends at football/basketball games, getting our first job at Forever 21 or maybe Arby's, graduating from college and decorating our very first apartment.  Before we can blink an eye, we are in the full throws of adulthood.  Married, a mortgage, a car or perhaps 2, kids AND a dog.  Our parents, uncles and those who have loved and cared for us, are now in their "Golden Years".  Far too often, these years are riddled with financial and/or health challenges and not the relaxing paradise they should be.  In the last few years, I have witnessed loved ones transitioning from this life into a much more peaceful place.  I've prayed and watched as those I admire and love (once active and some avid athletes) have endured scary heart operations, battles with mind altering illnesses, daily struggles with arthritis, diabetes and Victory over breast cancer!

Just today, I experienced a sweet co-worker's heart breaking as she received news that her daughter's childhood friend was sadly killed in a car accident just the night before at the young age of 18.  As all these thoughts weaved in and out of my mind, I was again reminded of just how fleeting life can be.  All of this is the Universe's, not so subtle, way of whispering and sometimes shouting to us...Live Your Life on and with Purpose!  Pray, eat, laugh, forgive, try again, love, hold hands, kiss passionately, be honest, be real, work, travel, pursue your Divinely Inspired Dreams, 

enjoy music, be present with your children, teach, learn, speak, listen, show up, believe it is possible, Dance and Stop Watering the Weeds in Your Yard..instead Be keenly attentive to and Nurture the Flowers in Your Garden!