Friday, January 31, 2014

Loving Yourself so You can Show your Neighbor Love ♥

Be Kind to Yourself, Forgive Yourself and Encourage Yourself..for when you are Kind to Yourself, You can then show Kindness to others.

When You forgive your small imperfections, you are better able to forgive those of others.

When you encourage Yourself, you can then Passionately Encourage others.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

God shouldn't JUST be our weekend lover...

Some truths are too uncomfortable to think, let alone admit.  Our on again off again relationship with God tends to be one of those areas, am I the only one?  As I sat thinking and writing, God shared this with me and I definately needed to hear it....

When you are silent and distant from me Monday-Saturday, come Sunday morning you will not be spending time with a treasured friend.  You will sadly be sitting in the midst of a stranger, pining for a spiritual embrace, feeling none and not understanding why.  It won't be the Usher's fault, nor the Sunday School Teacher.  You can't blame the Praise Dancers or the Choir, not even the Pastor!  Your faith walk is a journey of a spiritual nature, not an emotional one.  It requires One on One time with God in order to grow deeper and more fulfilling.  God does not want to be nor should He be, just our weekend lover.  His deepest desire is to have a divinely passionate on-going love affair with each of us because He cares for us!  Discover how wonderfully different life can be when our routine Sunday Services become lovely continuations of precious moments spent in His presence Monday-Saturday.  God is inviting you and me to spend quality time with Him and establish real intimacy (our hearts yearn for it).  Then our coming together on Sunday Mornings will be far more than two strangers trying to force a love affair.