Monday, November 8, 2021

Community Stand Up!

 People, we are a very fascinating species. We are full of contradictions. 

On the one hand we are keeping it 100 and on the other we are terrified to give 50% of our authentic selves to others.

We have this tough unbendable outer shell yet we are traumatized scared children on the inside that crave belonging.

We share our innermost angers on social media platforms but find it challenging to be vulnerable and have intimate conversations with our partners, children and parents.

We are quick to say what we absolutely don't have time for: fuckery, bullshit, disrespect, haters, new friends! Yet, we find it almost impossible to surrender to having time for the things that would possibly serve us well: Mental health check ups, forgiveness, reading, investing in true holistic healing, investing in our future better selves, time away from social media and other toxic behaviors.

Many of us are hurting in ways that we don't even recognize, we need to be reminded that we are valued, needed, enough, and so very loved and seen. 

We are in need of a nurturing and uplifting Village. 

We need our Community to Stand Up!

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